Monday, January 14, 2008

On a Question for Bahainine: Does Admin know what you're up to?

A question for Baha'i Nine: Best Baha'i Blogs, Photos and Videos. -gw

Q: Um, so who exactly are you guys and does the Baha’i Administration know what you’re up to?

A: You can read short biographies of the Baha’i Nine team members here. This site is the result of our own individual initiatives, but the Universal House of Justice appointed Baha’i Internet Agency (BIA) is aware and fully supportive of this project. You can read a BIA prepared documented encouraging Baha’i blogging here. So what are you waiting for? Start your blog and register it with us.

Bahai Nine Project: news, thoughts, and comments about the project
About Bahainine
Bahainine is an initiative that a group of us started in 2006.
The goal of Project Bahainine is to increase awareness of the Baha’i blogosphere and to facilitate the creation and discovery of the Baha’i inspired content. As part of this project, visitors of this site can browse, search, discover and rate their favorite blogs, photos , videos and podcasts and view the most popular content.

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