Saturday, January 26, 2008

On a Parent's Concern: Is the Baha'i Faith a Muslim religion?

This came in on a news feed today. -gw
Baha'i follows far different path than its mother religion of Islam

By Andrew Tevington
Our Faiths

Q: My daughter told us on her last visit that she converted to Baha'i. Her father was upset with her conversion to a Muslim religion, but she said Baha'i is not Muslim. Can you tell us about Baha'i, please? — Bette, Oklahoma City

A: As far as religions go, Baha'i (pronounced buh-HI) is new to the world stage ...


Anne said...

Wow! What an incredible article. The author is very informed, I was very impressed....

Jarome said...

This was one of the better articles on the Baha'i faith I have seen, many don't even bother to go to to spell check names!

It's too bad the title is so misleading, referring to the Baha'i faith's mother religion as Islam when it clearly states otherwise in the article. Also unfortunate that it mentions 1.5 million followers instead of the over 7 million plus. One day they will get it right!