Tuesday, January 08, 2008

On News from New Caledonia: "Ruhi" means "spirit"

News from New Caledonia. -gw
in other news, on saturday our acclimatising days end and the ruhi intensive we're here for begins.
ruhi books: 'ruhi' means 'spirit', 'book' means 'book. the ruhi books are books developed by the baha'i's in columbia as sort of a tool for deepening on the baha'i faith as well as creating organised componants which bring baha'i principles and community development together. each book deals with a different topic - and book 5 concentrates on learning how to interact, teach junior youth and how to run a regular group (so thats around 11 - 14 sort of age group) generally the time when kids need the most support from their peers etc. so the idea is that you train older youth in book 5, so that then they can then go and start groups with the local junior youth wherever they are and sort of act like mentors and examples for the younger ones. its a great system as the classes for the junior youth concentrate around social and moral principles as well as acts of service, without bringing religion into it. baha'i- based, is probably the best way to describe it. so anywho, on saturday nabs and i are helping run an intensive so we'll get it done in a week.


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