Saturday, January 12, 2008

On Honoring Differences and Celebrating Our Common Ground: Central to Baha'i practice

Honoring differences and celebrating our common ground is central to Baha'i practice and in keeping with what Baha'u'llah teaches. There is one loving creator, one unfolding religion, and one human family. -gw

Heard From The Tables
Dr. Duane Troxel,Administrator of the Baha'i Center of Metro Denver, Chair of the Denver Baha'i Assembly, and
Common Tables Member: "Put me down as one of those who enthusiastically supports what Common Tables is doing to build bridges between faith communities. Although I cannot speak for the entire Baha'i Faith, I can speak for myself as a Baha'i. The Baha'i Faith seeks to promote unity in all its forms; this too seems an important function of Common Tables".

Common Tables Mission Statement:
Common Tables is a human relations organization which offers the world an alternative to bias, bigotry, racism and religious intolerance. Using education and small group interactions, Common Tables lowers perceived barriers and promotes respect and understanding between traditionally disconnected communities.

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Dave Corby said...

Thanks for mentioning Common Tables and for the kind words! As one of the initiative's founders, I can assure you that we are both pleased and honored to have many of the Baha'i faith as valued members of our organization!!