Thursday, January 24, 2008

On Devon Gundry in England: Singing at the Top of His Lungs

Devon has been in England, singing at the tops of his lungs, undoubtedly. -gw

Devon Gundry, a musician who lives in LA has been staying in Ruscombe for a few days and the Brook group were joined by him and others after the meeting. He shared some of his own songs and talked about how being a Baha'i inspired him and his music. Devon was wonderfully passionate and energetic with every song he played - some were set to beautiful spiritual words, others he had written himself - we finished with food and talk and even a free cd for some.

See his You Tube videos which include some of his songs and a link to his Myspace site - see here. He is heading back to the States now but says he may return in the future to Stroud as he had such a good welcome here.

{Photo: Stroud, Gloucestershire, uploaded on September 27, 2007 by Eleventh Earl of Mar on flickr,
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