Sunday, January 20, 2008

On Children and Children's Education: In Lisbon and Seattle and Around the World

What is it about children that pictures of them strike us so deeply? It was a photo collage with music of chldren from around the world that Counselor Murphy chose to show us during the evening program for attending seekers and Baha'i Friends last night in Seattle. Marco of Povo de Baha provides this lovely video of children's education in his community. -gw

Baha'i Children Classes in Lisbon, Portugal
A Portuguese version is available here:

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Baha'is teaching childrens classes, junior youth groups, and study circles using the Teachings of Baha'u'llah. These classes are open to followers of all religions. All in the hope of building a better world through spirituality, unity, action, and fellowship. All the Manifestations of God progressively reveal the Word of God and are of the one Religion of God. Peace and Unity :)


SAM said...

The most beautiful thing from all this is to see a person like my good friend Alfredo, who is a bahá'í for not so long (and a father, btw, for even lesser time: a couple of weeks), has proven himself a tru example of seldenial, abnegation and moral leadership, showing himself capable of helping the building of a new generation of bahá'ís who are, now, only on a pre-youth stage.

George Wesley Dannells said...

Yes, it is amazing, SAM, the extent to which the spiritually enlighted parent will go to inculcate spiritual values in the child. The commitment cannot be limited to just one stage of childhood. Spiritual guidance in the "junior youth years" are as important as in the toddler years.