Thursday, January 10, 2008

On Banners and Flags: Baha'is Have No Flag But Symbols

"Unfurling the Black Standard" is a painting by Ivan Lloyd on his website Baha'i Faith Art that refers to a story in The Dawnbreakers. Here is the page in the Baha'i encyclopedia Bahaikipedia on the subject. -gw

The Bábí leader Mullá Husayn raised the Black Standard in his westward march from Mashhad starting July 21 1848 to proclaim the Báb's message. The people of Barfurush confronted the march and a series of battles ensued. The Bábís stopped and built the fort Shaykh Tabarsi which developed into one of the most significant battles of the Bábí religion. It is reported the Black Standard flew above the fortress.

Does the Baha'i Faith have an official flag? No, but.... -gw

The 9-pointed star or rosette is the acceptable public symbol ... it even shows up as a Microsoft dingbat!)

See the website, the 116th result if you Google "Baha'i" today.

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