Monday, January 28, 2008

On the New "Baha'i Studies Review": It Speaks Volumes

From the Association for Baha’i Studies: New Zealand blog, I learned of the following. -gw

Released by New Publisher
Bahai Studies Review
Editor: Moojan Momen
Book Review Editor: Daniel Grolin

The Baha’i Studies Review is an academic journal dealing with all aspects of the study of the Baha'i Faith. All papers submitted are subject to a peer review process.
The contents of this new volume are:
The Baha’i Faith and the Perennial Mystical Quest: A Western Perspective,
Julio Savi, 5-22
Jamal Effendi and Sayyid Mustafa Rumi in Celebes: The Context of Early Baha’i Missionary Activity in Indonesia,
Jelle de Vries, 23-38
Baha’i Approaches to Christianity and Islam: Further Thoughts on Developing an Inter-Religious Dialogue,
S Fazel, 39-51
‘Abdu’l-Baha’s Proclamation on the Persecution of Baha’is in 1903,
Ahang Rabbani, 53-67
The Modes and Intentions of Biography,
Graham Hassall, 69-84
A Chronicle of the Babi-Baha’i Communities in Sangsar and Shahmirzad,
Moojan Momen, 85-96
Commentary: Imagining Baha’i Law,
Roshan Danesh, 97-105
The Global Distribution of Baha’is in the 1920s,
Peter Smith, 107-120
Compilation The Baha’i Concept of Evil, 121-127
Obituary: Abu’l-Qasim Afnan (1919–2004)
Iraj Ayman, 129-135
Book Reviews, 137-153:
Nusrat’u'llah Muhammad-Husaini, Had rat-i Bab, and Abu’l-Qasim Afnan, ‘Ahd-i A’la,
by Armin Eschraghi
Margit Warburg, Baha’i, by Daniel Grolin
William Garlington, The Baha’i Faith in America, by Peter Smith
Frank Lewis, Rumi: Past and Present, by Bruce Wannell

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