Sunday, December 02, 2007

On Dr. Davachi: He knows his Ruhi memorizations

Professor Dr. Farzin Davachi (left) meeting with the Governor of the State of Sabah, Malaysia, in 2000. Baha'i Media Bank

Thanks to a Facebook friend's profile, my son Rahmat got to hear about the Baha'i Youth Night on the Eastside last night. Thanks to me, he got there, as his ride had fallen through. I stayed for the evening along with five other parents there.

I'm really glad I went. There was a speaker for the gathering, an extraordinary speaker, Dr. Davachi, who encouraged the Baha'i youth to strive for excellence. He had some great stories, such as his meeting with Prince Philip. And it became clear that Dr D knows his Ruhi memorizations, too!

He certainly has the credentials to be one to encourage excellence. His life has been exemplary, as his biography demonstrates. Dr Davachi is well-known for his work in some rather diverse fields, namely, pediatric cardiology, HIV/AIDS treatment, Oral Hydration Therapy, and abstinence education. -gw

Dr. Davachi is Professor of Pediatric Cardiology at New York Medical College and is a Fulbright Senior Scholar. He is a medical advisor and consultant to the United Nations agencies. As one of the world experts on HIV/AIDS, he served for many years on the International Scientific Committee for AIDS.

He has been Professor of Pediatric Cardiology at a number of universities in the United States and Visiting Professor at universities worldwide.

During his years of service in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, as Professor of Medical Education, he organized a post-graduate medical education program and trained over 1000 physicians. He is one of the first physicians to encounter patients with AIDS. From the outset, he recommended preventive strategies aimed at children before puberty, which have had dramatic results. In association with the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health, he conducted extensive research in Kinshasa on HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. These findings are widely published.

Dr. Davachi has been a pioneer in the field of Oral Rehydration Therapy and, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, has trained physicians at universities and hospitals worldwide. This simple treatment, to date, has saved 50 million lives. He has assisted numerous governments in developing preventive and educational programs for Oral Rehydration Therapy and HIV/AIDS.

He is the author of 53 scientific articles and books and 100 research studies presented at International Medical Conferences. Dr. Davachi is the recipient of several honors and awards, notably the Gold Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics for "Originality in Concept and Presentation" of the Gamma Densitometer, an apparatus developed for the rapid diagnosis of congenital heart disease.

He is an international advocate of character education of children for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other social ills, such as alcohol and drug abuse, violence, crime, prejudice, etc. He has traveled extensively around the world, meeting with Heads of State amd Royalty, Ministers of Health, Education and Justice, Senators and Members of Parliament, and leaders of thought to encourage a holistic approach to the education of children. His recommendation for the moral and spiritual education of children at the Millenium Forum at the United Nations in May 2000 was approved and submitted to all the Heads of State in their Millenium Summit in September 2000.

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