Friday, December 14, 2007

On Social Commerce and Baha'i-inspired Music: BountyUp

Real money and lots of fun. You know about social networking. Have you heard about social commerce? Bounty Up is working with some of the best loved Baha'i musicians currently on an interesting project. -gw

Social commerce is a subset of e-commerce in which the active participation of customers and their personal relationships are at the forefront. The main element is the involvement of a customer in the marketing of products being sold. e.g. recommendations and comments from customers. ... However, the term has been expanded to include a variety of collaborative commerce activities, where the social participation may extend beyond recommendation to collaborative purchasing, such as BountyUp, or fundraising (ChipIn, Crowdfunder, Causes on Facebook).

BountyUp Blog
Exploring the possibilities of social commerce

Create a video for "God Sufficeth" by Badasht, post it on Youtube and get 25,000 plays and you will win $1,000.00.

1 Contest for Badasht Video
$ 1,000.00
amityrecords created this contract on Dec 3, 2007
Lyrical content is from the
Bahai Writings so the video must have spiritual-related content. Though a lot of things may apply to "spiritual-related" content, there are clearly some things that do not. If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment on this Bounty site and we'll respond.You can download the song "God Sufficeth" here for free from Amity Records. Have fun everyone!

Produce a high-quality recording of African-American Spirituals by Eric Dozier and sung by the One Human Family Gospel Choir

1 One Human Family Gospel Choir Recording
$ 5,765.00
ACMEDelivery created this contract on Nov 3, 2007
Produce a high-quality recording of African-American Spirituals as well as traditional gospel and inspirational music composed and arranged by Eric Dozier and sung by the
One Human Family Gospel Choir. We love the music and we want the music.

Eric Dozier has agreed to convene an 80 person international mass choir with world renowned soloists to make this high quality recording if we can come up with enough money to pay for the expenses, but we have a deadline of Dec. 14th, so lets do it!

We already have about $10,000 in in-kind contributions and with recording costs, transportation, mastering and mixing we calculated that we needed an additional $15,000.

ADDITIONALLY all people who pledge will get a FREE copy of the album electronically! So if you're going to buy it anyways, pledge now so we can make it happen! This bounty can be collected by One Human Family Music Workshops Inc.

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