Thursday, December 27, 2007

On Revitalizing the Fortunes of Mankind: More on the Orlando SED conference

Dear soul Child of Africa has two meaty posts up with pictures on the recent SED conference. -gw

Baha'i social and economic development conference 2007

Erica Toussaint and the unity of humankind

atoosa9 has an 58-photo OSED set up on Flickr. -gw

The Orlando Socio-Economic Development Conference, one of the most learning intensive Baha'i Conferences, takes place annually in December. Baha'is involved in development, or those who are interested in learning about the application of Baha'i principles to the 'revitalization of the fortunes of mankind' attend and learn from each other. This set includes pics from the last 4 conferences. The 2007 conference once again did not disappoint, and our experience was enhanced by
the awesome group of friends in attendance, and many adventures.
And andropolis always has the eye for a creative shot. -gw
Right before the elevator doors closed, this duck, um, ducked out and ran for the fountain in the lobby. He didn't quite make it. The Duck Herder, not breaking a sweat, rounded him up within seconds of his would-be escape. -- Baha'i Social and Economic Development Conference, 2007

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