Monday, December 03, 2007

On Plans and Principles: Baha'i-inspired

Tantalizing. -gw

The plan is to build “a learning environment that is informed by and consistent with Baha’i-inspired principles"

Plans for a new Bahá’í university

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SAM said...

Dear Co-Bloggers,

December 10th is the International Day dedicated to Human Rights and this is why I am forwarding you an invitation, to take part of this worldwide activity.

As a bahá'í, I think we could leave our mark on that day, showing everyone and with everyone (from all relegious and cultural backgrounds) all that we are all One World, One Life.

I know you have your own concerns in this matter, and this is why I want to make people aware of it.

I am inviting you to go to and see how you could be a member of this network that holds for one cause: the cause of humanity, the cause of Human Rights.

Thank you,