Friday, December 21, 2007

On Mutale and Jarrett Livin' in the USA: We arrived a few days before Christmas

Around this time in millions of homes in this country Christmas letters arrive looking back at the events of the year. Here is a lovely Livin' in the USA Baha'i version of this venerable tradition. -gw

A year ago today, Jarrett and I came to the United States from Israel, not to visit, but to stay. A lot has happened in the last year. We arrived few days before Christmas, and went to Charleston to spend Christmas with dad's side of the family. I was new to most of the things, but the good part was my new family who welcomed us so well, and I felt right at home. We feel so blessed to have such a loving and caring family, and they have made my transition smooth. ...

I have seen seasons come and go... and yes, I have experienced the four seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn/fall) in that order, and for the first time have seen snow:)... My favorite seasons, I think are spring and fall, and I like winter only when it snows:) I have enjoyed visits to different places, mountains, falls, beaches - so beautiful.
In February, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with our family and friends. Everything was so beautiful and we had such a wonderful time. The day after our anniversary, we took off for our honeymoon and spent a week at the beach.

Over the whole year I have grown very close to so many people, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, auntie Mildred, auntie Dee and uncle Herb, uncle Stanley, and on mom's side, auntie Debby, Starr and Chad and Kia and Zane, auntie Joyce and uncle Roger, uncle David and auntie Arzella, and Cousins Timothy and T.J. It has really been so good to be embraced by my new family. ...

I love and miss my family back home and I manage to call them at least twice a month. We have figured a cheaper way of calling Zambia and it works well for us. ...

I have also gotten to know a new Baha'i community. The community here is very small, but the friends are all so loving and make me feel really special. I have been able to do somethings with the children, but I am still learning how I can best serve the community.

I have developed a good taste for different types of food, and I am glad I can get food from other countries too. Once in a while we visit the Pita House for a good filafel (it reminds us of our time in Israel), and when people ask what my favorite American food is, I tell them Mexican and Chinese - funny ha!... but don't get me wrong, we still enjoy and love our nshima (Zambian staple food made from corn), and we eat that few days a week. We were so excited when mom mentioned about a mill in Pickens county where we could buy fresh corn meal.

Today, on the one year anniversary of my arrival in the United States, I got my drivers licence - how cool!, and I am so excited. So now with that I have the ability to drive a car by myself, the next year is sure to bring more interesting new adventures.

{Re-posted with permission}

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