Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On More Anna's Presentation Learnings: Instead of sprinkling a few crumbs in front of them, we show them the whole loaf

More Anna's Presentation learnings found in a shared email making the rounds in our cluster. -gw

Thanks for the great feedback! I had a similar experience as you with the outline; the words in it triggered the concepts in some cases, but didn't provide me with right words to get started, so I too plan to go back over and rework the outline to help jog my memory better. And I found that giving it the second time went much better (I gave it again on Sunday), just becoming more familiar with the flow of it, and it was coming more easily. I think a lot of us are used to sharing these concepts, but part of the beauty of Anna's presentation is that it helps us from getting off on tangents, and also I think the order in which things are presented is key to helping folks get the big picture.

So you are doing exactly what we all need to do, to work on making Anna's presentation our own, and get comfortable with it, and keep learning every time we give it. But it is such a revelation to me that people are very open to hearing a "presentation". We're always waiting around for the right moment to share some little tidbit about the Faith, hoping that will be the thing that sparks interest and get them to ask a question, and then we can say a little more. This is our "wisdom". But now I'm seeing that instead of sprinkling a few crumbs in front of them now and then and hoping people will follow the trail, we can show them the whole loaf of bread and say "let me tell you about this" and they can see what it is and decide if they want to partake of this Bread of Life! I pray that my courage and consecration to this process will grow, and that yours will too.
Much love, D

PS Here's a link to the Ruhi Resources website that has a download of Anna's presentation that was just posted on Dec 3rd! Baha'u'llah provides!

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