Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On How the World Will Arrive at World Unity: Through Religion

Here is the previous quote in the thread. What is the Baha'i's response? -gw

Quote: "So again, as you know, I have studied the Baha'i faith quite seriously, but I still don't see how this world can united without all peoples converting to your faith."

Religion ... awakens the soul to potentialities that are otherwise unimaginable.
Bahá’u’lláh has not brought into existence a new religion to stand beside the present multiplicity of sectarian organizations. Rather has He recast the whole conception of religion as the principal force impelling the development of consciousness. As the human race in all its diversity is a single species, so the intervention by which God cultivates the qualities of mind and heart latent in that species is a single process. Its heroes and saints are the heroes and saints of all stages in the struggle; its successes, the successes of all stages. This is the standard demonstrated in the life and work of the Master and exemplified today in a Bahá’í community that has become the inheritor of humanity’s entire spiritual legacy, a legacy equally available to all the earth’s peoples.

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