Sunday, December 23, 2007

On Greetings from Beijing and a New Website: Music to My Ears

An email from Marc (in white shirt in photo) from China and a hot tip on some great music and a new website by Elika Mahoney. -gw

Allah'u'abha George!

How are you? It must be pretty cold in Washington, are you still going hiking and canoing? Hiking and canoing...that sounds soooo nice, as I live in one of the most polluted cities in the world! But Beijing offers quite a few perks like no where else ... and possibly some of greatest service opportunities of our time.

Elika Mahony recently opened up this site In her email to me she says..

You can hear samples from my new CD, 'Fire and Gold' which is set for release in January 2008. Please visit and write on my blog page or drop a note in the guestbook - I would love to hear your comments. Be sure to view the new video that my friend May Main so kindly created for me on the homepage. Be on the look out as I will soon be putting up a free song on the website.Please feel free to share the website and news of 'Fire and Gold' with your friends.

Happy viewing!
Warmly, Elika
Hope all is healthy and happy in Tacoma! ...
Best wishes, Marc

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