Friday, December 07, 2007

On Family, Anime, Manga, and Punk Music: And I'm very interested in the Baha'i Faith

manga illustration
I like, no scratch that I love my family, anime, manga, punk music (all though these days it is truly dead, although my friend and I keep holding on to a glimmer of hope that it is still alive), I love Anti-Flag, my favorite political punk band of all times. I like to crochet, I love Opera and musicals, especially Wicked, of course I like the book a lot too. I read a lot, I love Harry Potter, but I'm not so addicted that I go to the midnight party, dress up, and wait in line over night for the movie. I love the internet. (Yay net neutrality) I like religion a lot as well. I always feel this emptiness in me that I truly believe can only be filled by a higher power. Right now I'm very interested in the Baha'i Faith. If you have any questions theological, I do love a good conversation.

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