Monday, December 24, 2007

On the End and Beginning: Apocalypto Now

I haven't seen the 2006 movie Apocalypto, and probably never will, but Keyvan has and liked it, writing about it on Baha'i Library Forum. -gw

So I just watched the Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto, and for anyone who has seen it, its clear that the movie's themes are very parallel to Baha'i teachings. That is, the whole emphasis of Apocalypse meaning the coming of a new beginning, led by mankind's self-destruction, and not a supernatural "end of the world," which is the dogmatic understanding. I found this interesting considering Mel Gibson is known for being a devout Christian and thus one would assume he would more likely illustrate the dogmatic understanding of apocalypse - a total end.

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See on YouTube:
Mayan Indian prophecies fulfilled

Video made in the Maya Mountains, Cayo district, Belize, Central America. This is a discussion done in the Mayan language between two Mayan Indian Baha'is about Baha'u'llah and the Baha'i Faith as the fulfillment of both the Mayan prophecies and the Bible prophecies. For more info go to
There's Mel Gibson's movie Apocalypto, and then there is Jimmy Buffett's song "Apocalypso," which treats the "dogmatic understanding" of the apocalypse satirically. Who said everything is serious here on Baha'i Views? -gw

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Apocalypso Lyrics (Jimmy Buffett)

They say this universe is bound to blow
But I say we crank up the calypso control
Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso

Now I'm no dancer as dancers go
But this is one step that you need to know
Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso

We'll be dancing when we go
Planets come and planets go
Undisturbed the dancers flow
Old galaxies can be cold
So I'll hold you close
When this earthly light is burning low
This dance will take you to the next plateau

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patrick roberts said...

hey thx for posting, i appreciate that, "new beginning" never thought of it that way