Tuesday, December 25, 2007

On Baha'i Junior Youth Activities in Malaysia: Beneficial for everyone, not a waste of time

This past weekend 17-year-old Snow Dancer learned more about the Baha'i Faith. -gw

This weekends have been great for me. Learned a lot. Gaining more knowledges. So yesterday, I went for my kursus amali kereta since I passed my Undang with flying colours. Muahaha. So..It's lame. 3 hours of lame jokes by the penceramah. Lol. After that, in the afternon, I waited for another 3 hours till my turn to drive since I'm in the 2nd group. Need to complete the 6 hours course and I will be getting my L license. Haha. So all went well. Drove like a pro. I change to gear 3 without instructors permission. He was not there mah. Take advantage lor... Met Hamster Lam..OPPSSS...I meant Ester Lam there. Her driving not bad lar...Still not as good as me yet.. Enjoying myself laughing at her. Haha. It ends at 6.30. Dead tired after that. Later on, I join Nicholas and the Baha'i youths for some of their activities. It's really cool. Met some people, really nice people. Haha. Overnight at Nick's house last night since this morning they have this Junior Youth thing. It's great! Splendid. Learned more about Baha'i Faith.
Let me brief you a little about what it's all about. Baha'i Faith is an independent world religion which is founded in 1844 in Persia. Like other teachings, it touches nearly every aspect of human life and are centered on three essential truths:

The Oneness of God
The Oneness of Religion

The Oneness of Mankind

Su Ling and Aunt Irene brief me about their religion. Beginning to understand more. Everyone stresses on the importance of unity. Without unity among people in the world, nothing is achievable. So, that was last night. Today, is another wonderful day. Saphira, a female youth from Australia, who's also a Baha'i, shared her ideas and experiences there. I had the chance to gain more insights of the Baha'i Junior Youth roles. It's something like what I've been through during the LaSallian convention process but this is much more. Anyway, my journey is still far ahead. A long way to go and much to see or gain. I began to realize much more about my role in the surroundings. It's like a spiritual reflection. In fact, attending all this functions and activities is not a waste if time. It's indeed beneficial for everyone. I had fun too. Su Ling took pics of me. A crazy girl. Haha. When it ends at 5pm, I went to the photo studio and took personal photos for my L license. Thank God I looked good in the photos. Haha. Then, I went to Jusco with my family to get myself a pair of new shoes and slippers. Bought lots of jellybeans too. Yummie.. I guessed that's all for now. Had a great weekend. Didn't waste my time lepaking. Spent my time for good use. Lol. K, goodnight..will update tomorrow. Toodles..

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