Friday, December 14, 2007

On the Baha'i Faith and Christianity Compared: Confirming my convictions

Turning away from dogma, so many are turning to the light. -gw

It is funny because it is suppose to turn you away from the Baha'i faith but for me only confirmed my convictions that the Baha'i faith is the faith for this time.

Baha'i and Christianity Comparison 2

On the Monday I will meet my first Baha'i's . I am very excited, I will be updating my progress on this blog....After a year of studying I finally contacted the Pittsburgh association of Baha'i's....I started to read what the beliefs and practices were, and realized I didn't need to start my own religion everything I believed was in the Baha'i faith!...I then came across the Baha'i faith just searching on Google....
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