Thursday, December 27, 2007

More on Baha'is and Christmas: Merry Snippets

Here's more on Baha'is and Christmas. So Merry Snippets, starting with Sean in Malaysia. -gw

Today, on Christmas Day, I joined the youths again in their outing to the Malacca Zoo since Saphira wanted to see the zoo before she leaves. Haha. It's easy to spot the Baha'i youths because everyone wore a red shirt over there including me. Really cool.

Mark's Mullin's: Merry Christmas
The message board at our local Baha'i worship center currently reads: "Jesus: A Gift from God."

Los Angelista's Guide To The Pursuit Of Happiness: Christmas + Chai + Candied Yams = Happiness
I've noticed that sometimes people think that just because I'm a Baha'i that I'm anti-Christian and therefore a Christmas hater or something. This is so not true.

iMOM: Dreaming of a Desert Christmas
We had the bounty of running into an honored friend, Ms. Erica Toussaint, who regaled us with inspiring stories from her recent travels to the Baha'i SED Conference in Orlando, while we waited for our (thankfully) on-time flight.

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