Monday, November 12, 2007

On Songs of Spiritual Longing: Tu que estas en alto cielo, Echame tu bendiciòn

Uploaded on October 12, 2004 by Nuevo Anden

Save me from this prison
Lord help me get away
Cause only you can save me now
From this misery
Cause I've been lost in my own place
And I'm getting' weary
How far is heaven
And I know I need to change
My ways of livin'
How far is heaven,
Lord can you tell me
Here are two songs of spiritual longing, it seems to me, the kind of longing that leads people to investigate the Baha'i Faith when the Faith is presented to them by loving souls. -gw

"Crazy Dream"
I tried to find myself
For a very long time
Somewhere I lost myself
Its so hard to find my way back home
My body's roaming all day long
Feels like a real bad dream
I try so hard to break free
And even though I try
Something else is got a hold on me
Will I ever be in control of me
When will I wake up
Escape from this crazy dream
Maybe tomorrow
I'll find a better dream for me
The shiver in my soul
Whoa I think I'm gonna go
But in the depth of my mind
There's a place that only I have seen
Will it ever be reality


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