Friday, November 09, 2007

On Social Bookmarking: links for Baha'i study

I'm grateful to dragfyre of doberman pizza for turning me on to -gw is a social bookmarking website -- the primary use of is to store your bookmarks online, which allows you to access the same bookmarks from any computer and add bookmarks from anywhere, too. On, you can use tags to organize and remember your bookmarks, which is a much more flexible system than folders.

You can also use to see the interesting links that your friends and other people bookmark, and share links with them in return. You can even browse and search to discover the cool and useful bookmarks that everyone else has saved -- which is made easy with tags.

As soon as I start to peruse dragfyre's bookmarks, I "want them." And, gosh, I guess I can have them. That's the idea. Share the inspiration. Here is an example of one of dragfyre's finds. -gw
UHJ letter: proselytizing.covenant.html
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