Friday, November 30, 2007

On Making the Crooked Straight: A Dear Photo of the Defenders

Found on Flickr. -gw

.leila says:
one of my favourite books. ever.


"A masterly survey of the doctrinal and vital principles of this religion … a mine of information on Baha'i-theology, practice, and ethics, and the Baha'i-vision of the socio-political organization of the human family." (Prof. Christian Cannuyer, in: Mélanges de Science Religieuse)

" … authentically and in the best scholastic tradition responds to the largest accumulation of issues raised in polemical writings against the Baha'i… during the last one hundred years." (Prof. Heshmat Moayyad, in: Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society)

"… an important contribution to the critical study of the Baha'i religion in the history of religions." (Prof. Manfred Hutter, in: Journal of Contemporary Religion)

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Barmak Kusha said...

What an incredible book; what incredible minds.