Friday, October 26, 2007

On løser: «Wir haben wahrlich die Musik zu einer Leiter für eure Seelen gemacht, zu einem Mittel für ihrenAufschwung in das Reich der Höhe»

For free Baha'i-inspired music click on the link below. -gw
«Wir haben wahrlich die Musik zu einer Leiterfür eure Seelen gemacht, zu einem Mittel für ihren Aufschwung in das Reich der Höhe.»
Offenbarung an Bahá’u’lláh im Kitáb-i-Aqdas, Absatz 51

Remarkable Ambient / Lounge / Experimental music from løser - which is the moniker of Thomas L. Raukamp, who is also the editor of Beat Magazine. -gw

"Ordinary things in life is where heaven likes to be", someone said. It´s those ordinary things in life that løser likes to explore with his "Ologie Project", a complete and genuine album the German artist composed, produced and presents all by himself. "I like to make everyday life stand still for a moment and reflect upon it", løser says, "so that it´s gems may come to shine, so often overlooked in the rush of the days."

løser´s music finds new listeners every day. Taking it to the stage as often as he has the chance and presenting it in an appealing way on his own website, løser has gained the recognition of well-known names, like the German "pope of electronic music" Christopher von Deylen (Schiller) and Britain´s synth-icon Howard Jones. Alex Young of "Milieu" writes about him: "Clearly influenced by earlier ambient artists such as Jarre or Eno, harmony is key to The Ologie Project, yet løser maintains a level of uniqueness of his own eccentric style."

All the music on "The Ologie Project" is realeased under the Creative-Commons-Licence. Enjoy.


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