Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Spiritual Yearning: O God, Guide Me

Experiencing a spiritual yearning, this blogger remembers a Baha'i prayer from his childhood. -gw

I have a definite desire for more of an, I don't know, spiritual feeling in my life. I have been noticing this lack for years now. This yearning has only strengthened over time. ...

The last few days, I have had a spontaneous prayer flash through my mind at random moments. It is a prayer that I memorized and used to recite as a child. It goes like:

"O God, guide me, protect me, illumine the lamp in my heart, and make of me a brilliant star. Thou art the mighty and the powerful." - Abdu'l-Bahá

Thinking about this prayer has given me a sense of comfort and solace.

Parenthesis Eye, "A spiritual kind of yearning," The Implicit & Experiential Rantings of a Person


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