Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Skeptical Professors to their Baha'i Students: So how do you DO this? Live in society and believe what you do?

Another fine example of the tables being turned, a Baha'i student teaching the teacher. -gw

I wrote a paper once, in which a small part mentioned the unity of religion and the abolition of prejudices based upon religious background, etc. It was only a small part, as the paper was on some nursing topic.

When I got the paper back, the professor asked me to see him after class. When I approached the front and asked what was up, he clarified my belief in unity and all that, asked a little about the Baha'i Faith, then asked,"So how do you DO this? Live in this society and believe what you do?"

I said that I thought that well, deep down, everybody wants unity and it's usually not a problem to think of everybody as equals. Because usually when you give respect, you get it.

His response was that he had read some of the other papers, and, "believe me," other people don't think the same. In fact, they're trying to search out people like me and eradicate us.

That surprised me because he was talking about my own peers.

But you know what? They don't have to believe what I do. They don't even have to accept the fact that I believe it. I'll still be friendly and wish the best for them.

Because, if not that, how will we ever achieve unity?

speedyanisa, "Toward Oneness," Chasing Beauty ...and singing out loud

{Re-posted with permission}

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