Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On the Science of Ecology: We need what the entire worldwide "ecosystem" has to offer

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The science of ecology, the study of the interrelationships of plants and animals and how they adapt to different environments, illustrates to the perceptive eye we are but a part of an interwoven web of creation that is marvelous to behold. ...

Take a walk outside. Don’t just hike down a trail to get to the end but rather be aware. look at the different shapes, habits, diets, colors, textures and hues of the myriad kinds of organisms observing the many roles they play within the natural ecosystem. Now try to think of what it would be like if all forms of life were the same. Of course this is impossible! For without diversity there would be no ecosystem. Little life, except perhaps the extreme simplest forms, could live.

Now lets apply this principle to humanity. Would it not be rather uninteresting, dull and not much of a challenge if all people were the same? As a matter of fact, if everyone had the same experiences, talents, understanding and opinion civilization would cease to function- there would be no social civilizing “ecosystem” for us to thrive in. Homo sapiens would be nothing more than a group of ape-like instinct driven robots all carrying out functions from an identical program. There would be little art, music, creativity, achievement and certainly no individuality. ...

In a world knit together by the modern marvels of instant world wide communication there is no place for terrorist activities abusing religious creeds or doctrines in defense of the right to attack, torture and mutilate those following a different path. It is evident humanity must evolve and rise above these decadent divisive deeds done in the “name” of the One Creator of us all- be it God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Vishnu, Amitabha, Ahura Mazda, etc. Instead, let us not focus and dwell on differences of sect and interpretative traditions but, more appropriately, turn to the original scriptures of these diverse yet valid faiths and, with an open mind, see if Hindu (Lord Krishna), Buddhist (Gautama), Christian (Jesus), Islam (Muhammed), Iroquois (Dekanawida), the Baha’i Faith (Baha’u'llah) etc. do indeed address the same essential truths.

Remember- we need what the entire worldwide “ecosystem” has to offer. We must open our hearts and minds to accept and learn from peoples of diverse races, cultures and creeds if we, as a global interrelated human family are to reap the most benefit and stability from one another.

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