Tuesday, October 02, 2007

On the Roots of Ruhi: Methodology

On the roots of Ruhi from a document prepared in 1999. Party! -gw

RUHI Methodology
By embracing a learning mode, the Baha’is of Colombia began to develop the RUHI content and learning methodology using an action-research approach. Based on certain theoretical underpinnings and systematic reflection on the Creative Word, the RUHI methodology was born. The effectiveness of the content and methodology for providing basic deepening at the grass roots community level was demonstrated. New pilot projects were launched in different cultural settings throughout Colombia, and even in neighboring Latin American countries. As part of a human resource training strategy, the replication of both the learning methodology and content of the Ruhi Institute has served to strengthen the Institute process in many countries.

From "Bahá’í Social and Economic Development Projects"
Prepared by Duncan and Cindy Hanks
for the Rabbani Trust annual conference on
Bahá’í Social and Economic Development, December 1999

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