Thursday, October 11, 2007

On a Resemblance Between the Baha'i Faith and Soka Gakkai: Upholding the highest respect for human dignity

"The Butsuma on the Hill -
the small chanting hall at the SGI European Centre in Trets, France"

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Naka is SGI Buddhist and a friend to Baha'is. -gw

I have friends from the Baha'i faith which I lost touch for a few years now. I always feel that their teachings resemble that of Buddhism - upholding of highest respect for human dignity. They don't go for the clamorous singing (then hugging and crying) and preaching like some other monotheistic believers desperate for something to fill their voids. But they often sat in a small group of 4-5 people, offer silent prayers with soft music in the background, then went on to openly discuss how their teachings relate to daily lives among their friends. What's pretty encouraging is they are very forthcoming to people's opinions about their God, willing to accept differences in perspectives and not imposing their faith on others.

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