Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On MP3 Downloads: Baha'i Audio Books

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Good tip from Amid, a member of Baha'is On Facebook. :), who left a message on the wall of that group. -gw

Awesome audiobooks:

Bahá'í Audio Books: You may listen to the audio books on your computer, download them onto an mp3 player.... Thanks to the US's and UK's Bahá'í Service for the Blind for allowing us to use these tapes! The recordings are in the process of being re-digitized at a higher quality level. The file sizes are larger but the quality is significantly better.

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Sheryl said...

I know very well about Audio Books. But What is this Baha'i Audio Books. Please provide me some more information regarding the same.
Audio Books

Nicholas19 said...

You may also want to point out that there is one Baha'i audiobook already available on LibriVox ("The Revelation of Baha-ullah in a Sequence of Four Lessons" by Isabella Brittingham) and one is currently in the process of being recorded ("The Bahai Revelation" by Thornton Chase).See: and

More Baha'is should get involved in LibriVox as it is a great way to bring old but valuable Baha'i books to a new audience of listeners. In other words, it's a great way of promoting the Faith. All books on Librivox must be in the public domain (i.e. published before 1923). This does mean, of course, that any pre-1923 publications in the original Arabic and Persian could also be recorded. What's needed is Baha'i volunteers to read books in English, Persian, Arabic, French and projects in other languages.

Nicholas Bridgewater

Management said...

Hey George,

I just ran across this old post... Fast forward to now (2010) and the updates are that there are numerous people around the world now working on translating the writings into high quality Baha'i audio books. is just one of them. We just launched our first audio book "The Advent of Divine Justice by Shoghi Effendi" It was a work of love and we re really excited about other titles we have slated to begin. We would love to hear your thoughts. Please stop by and drop a line.

- Jon Rezin

Adam said...
Has just released a high-quality audiobook production of Advent of Divine Justice!

Until Naw Ruz it's downable for a 'pay what you can' price. Visit and check it out!


Dru said...

I have been trying to open to share some books with a visually impaired acquaintance. I keep getting "Firefox can't find server." Is any one else having this trouble? This has been a great resource for me in the past.