Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On McCartney's Ecce Cor Meum and Baha'i-Inspired Music: How Directly the Light

"Religion conjures up pictures of us and them -- my God's better than yours. And religion, the way I was taught it, had a lot of uncomfortable things in it, wrath and punishment and original sin, that I'm not very happy with. "

Paul McCartnery, quoted in the album notes to Ecce Cor Meum
I listened to this album on my way to work today. I liked it. The lyrics read like a pop song, and that's not necessarily bad. It occurs to me, nevertheless, that the light that can be found in this work is reflected light.
Music that is Baha'i-inspired has so many more musical traditions to draw on, so many more stories. The light shines more directly on the creative effort.
For me, the work of the musicians who are creating Baha'i-inspired music today is more profound that anything that McCartney has done, either separately or with the Beatles, and there is so much fine music in that library, although God is working through us all, Baha'i and not yet. -gw

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