Friday, October 19, 2007

On Cutting-edge Quality Baha'i Music Downloads: Über bass

Thank you bass adjustment project! How thrilling it is to be able to draw upon such quality songs for use at the core activities of the Baha'i community. -gw
Über bass adjustment project
bass adjustment project - based in Austria - started off in March 2006 with 3 people - Rahá Poostchi, Omid Warnung, Adel Reyhani - mainly producing house music. Their music incorporates influences from many musical styles, including oriental, spanish, rock, chill, jazz, reggae, electronic. From the beginning their aim was to let this project grow by people, musical styles and talents. Currently there are some 10 people working together trying to combine different styles of music, let different people with different talents join in the project and thus trying to promote the unity in its diversity by the means of music
bass-adjustment — 27.09.07, 16:59:00
New version of Blessed Is The Spot
bass-adjustment — 23.09.07, 10:49:09
Sham Hazere (RR Jazzy Mix)
bass-adjustment — 19.12.06, 23:19:47
bass adjustment on austrian radio station oe1
bass-adjustment — 02.10.06, 16:59:58
Music: Sham Hazere (Dinner Is Ready)
bass-adjustment — 02.10.06, 16:59:40
Music: The Promised Day Has Come
bass-adjustment — 02.10.06, 16:59:04
Music: Knowledge is Love
bass-adjustment — 02.10.06, 16:58:17
bass adjustment project - video
bass-adjustment — 02.10.06, 16:59:48
Music: Take me Down

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