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On Blogs Associated with Programs of Education: Mentions of the Baha'i Faith Popping Up like Toast

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Blogs are used in education all the time. A student signs up for a course and is asked to do a blog for reflection on the learnings of that program of study. My daughter-in-law Megan is a case in ponit. She has begun her graduate program in education and now has her own website. The Faith frequently comes up on these blogs. -gw
Education has an enormous potential as a catalyst of change. The quote regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value, education can, alone, cause it reveal its splendors and allow mankind to benefit there from” (Baha’u’llah, trans. 1952/1976, p. 260) captured this sentiment. Effective education has the capacity create conditions of equity and freedom of thought. Currently, many disparities among the American population imply that the educational system has not reached its full potential. A deep understanding of learning, teaching, and schooling will aid candidates to become effective educators. In this paper, definitions of these three concepts will be constructed sequentially, using the insights derived from the writings of Arends (1997), Dewey (1938/1997), Plato (ed. 1997), Mooney and Cole (2000), Rogoff (2003), Rousseau (1762/1968), Senge (2006), and Zull (2002). With the assistance of these writers, the current understanding of these concepts is as follows, that learning is the natural physiological and social process of purposeful, active, cyclic, and continuous acquisition of knowledge and understanding that builds upon our previous experience, and is beneficial. Teaching is the discipline which requires awareness, flexibility, and firm direction to create conducive learning situations for growth of knowledge, understanding, and skills through communication or facilitation. Schooling is the system in which learning and teaching are institutionalized and a degree of social development occurs. In this paper, the learning system, the nature of learning, and the benefits of learning will be addressed first. Next, teaching will be discussed in terms of awareness, flexibility, and management. Finally, schooling will be explored as a system.
"Explorations in the Characteristics
of Learning, Teaching, and Schooling (TLS 3)"
Megan Lewis, MIT, The Evergreen State College
Megan Lewis: Agent of Change in Training

Here are two examples of other blogs where mention of the Faith pops up, one apparently for a religion course and the other for "Political Science 129". -gw
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