Friday, September 21, 2007

On Songs of the Same Name from My "Spiritual Music" Playlist: Revival

Baha'u'llah came to revive mankind spiritually. Among the songs on my "spiritual music" playlist, are these three with the same name. In these three there is a sort of "unity in diversity," to my ipod-lovin' ears at least. -gw

"Revival," Rev Horton Heat, Revival
"Revival," The Allman Brothers, Stand Back: The Anthology
"Revival," Me Phi Me, Reality Bites


Steve said...

Gillian Welch's debut album is named "Revival". Well worth a listen.

child_of_africa said...

do you happen have a list of recommended music all in one place? i would so love to refer to it often to guide my purchases.

are you going to move into your facebook home sometime soon?