Monday, September 24, 2007

On the Persecution of Baha'is in Iran: What is the Hojjatieh Society?

The fanatical opposition to the Baha'i Faith taken up by a secret organization known as Hojjatieh formed in the 1950's in Iran is described in Section 2 of a piece in The Middle East and Other Musings, subtitled "Who is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?" .

Here is what Baha' has to say about the Hojjatieh Society. -gw

WHAT IS THE HOJJATIEH SOCIETY? Founded in 1953 as a specifically anti-Bahá'í organization by a charismatic Shiite Muslim cleric, the Hojjatieh Society has today re-emerged in Iran as an influential if secretive faction that has been linked in news articles and web blogs with the current Iranian administration... More>

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