Sunday, September 09, 2007

On Park Teaching Revisited: Have Banner and Music, Will Teach


our community got this 7 ½ foot wide, 40 inch tall banner.

We have put it to good use at two festivals.

Thursday I bought four 48" Garden Treasures shepard's hooks.

I took the banner and hung it on the shepard hooks, after pressing them into the sod at the busy Ruston Way park.

I set up my ipod in an AudioStation Express which I put by the banner.
I played tunes from my "Park Teaching" playlist and sat in my folding camp chair.

I read the Writings while waiting for souls to stop and express interest, the first day teaching three college students who attend church at

Yesterday I taught a husband, wife, and young son who go salsa-dancing at the

Today I taught a man who was so fascinated by the content of the banner that he wanted a copy of it to show his two sons. I'm going to order a stack of the One Light, Many Lamps-Teaching Card sent to him. He also wishes to come to the devotional in our home. -gw

Photo of Ruston Way: Uploaded on May 28, 2007 by KevinFreitas on flickr

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