Sunday, September 30, 2007

On the Meeting Between the Iranian President and American Religious Leaders: Baha'is supported efforts at dialogue even through not allowed to attend

To dialogue is the Baha'i way. -gw

According to The New YorkTimes, representatives of the Baha’i faith, a persecuted religious minority in Iran, supported efforts at dialogue even though they were not allowed to attend the Sept. 26 event. The New York Times reported that “the Iranian side refused to come if the Bahais were there, said Kit Bigelow, director of external affairs, National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of the United States.”

"This farmer's barn was renovated and dedicated in 2005 as a Mennonite Church in Schaumburg, Illinois, near Chicago (USA)." Uploaded on July 4, 2006 by Springsun on flickr

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