Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On the Landlubbers Attending Baha'i Society: It was talk like a pirate day

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For this post by Isikenai the text is fun, but her photos even funner. -gw

it was talk like a pirate day today. Did YOU contribute? I certainly did. I was writing the minutes for Baha'i' Society (I'm the secretary) and although I wrote all the minutes part in proper secretarial english, I wrote the starting time and attendee details in pirate. "Arrr, thar meeting be startin' at 6:02pm. The landlubbers thar be attending be Adib Jamali... etc." And I ended with a nice "Avast, ye scurvy sea-dogs!" I wonder if the Chairman will notice before he sends it out to the rest of the committee :D
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