Sunday, September 30, 2007

On Black Thought and Black America: Wellspring of the light

Phillipe Copeland's Baha'i Thought turned two earlier this month. This is one powerful blog! The Baha'i blogosphere is greatly enriched through Phillipe's untiring efforts. -gw

Bahá’í Thought and Black America

"O thou who hast an illumined heart! Thou art even as the pupil of the eye, the very wellspring of the light, for God's love hath cast its rays upon thine inmost being and thou hast turned thy face toward the Kingdom of thy Lord." - From the Baha'i Sacred Writings

Phillipe, a clinical social worker, covered the recent annual conference of the Baha'i Association of Mental Health Professionals. Although I am an MHP myself, I have never attended, I am ashamed to say, and so I very much appreciated his overview and pics. -gw


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