Tuesday, September 04, 2007

On Being 15 and Baha'i: Crazy Fun at Camp and Clara Dunn

The reports are always glowing from youth who have attended the Clara Dunn Academy. -gw

Today, I got back from an amazing journey of one month of pure Baha'i fun!!

I was at camp for a week and that was crazy fun! The classes were amazing and so was the atmosphere and everything about it!

The next week at the haug's was soo much fun! there were 16 people in the house for about 4 days, and when everyone else left, there were 8 of us...it was pretty dang exciting!

Thenn...there was Clara Dunn!

That was the most amazing Baha'i experience I've ever had, it was so intense, I think it was better than any other Baha'i Camp/Retreat/Forum that I've been to!

I CANNOT wait to go back in the winter for section 2!

{Re-posted with permission}

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