Thursday, September 20, 2007

On a Baha'i Response to the Academic Fear of Faith: We gave them chocolate

The Baha'i Society at Galway has caught on to the power of chocolate. -gw
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But really the only thing interesting that happened recently was going to Galway to help recruit... for the Baha'i society in the university there, that was truly brilliant. In 4 and a half hours my self and the 2 other folk I was working with must have introduced like 80 new people to the faith, 40 of them joined the society and half of them were genuinely interested in the faith, 3 of them were instantly enamoured. There was in some folk the obvious academic fear of faith and in that case we gave them chocolate, praised there attempt to protect themselves from scary stuff and told them the name of the website and bid them have a lovely day. The funniest thing that happened, in my opinion, was early in the day when a group of first years came up to enquire as to how to pronounce that word and we roped them into hearing about the faith. There was 3 guys and two girls and one of the guys was a long haired individual holding the communist manifesto in one hand and waring a Che T-shirt. This guy asked me, once I'd explained the unity of science and religion principle, how we felt about evolution, I was mid explanation when I had to sign up someone that one of my cohorts was speaking with, I said hang on 2 seconds, started the process and this guys yells "How can you believe that?" and tries to storm of expecting all his mates to follow, his friends immediately scold him for being close minded and then comeback late having deposited him somewhere. Two of the girls singed up and one of the guys and one of the dudes said he liked it but wasn't comfortable getting involved with religious stuff without more research, I again gave him and my Email and said if he needed any more info than is on that brilliant site I'd be happy to help. We gave them more chocolate and bid them farewell. ... Peace out, God Bless and Allah'u'Abha.

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