Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On Responsibility: I have been unable to escape the fact that I am most definitely an adult

Participating in a Baha'i devotional meeting is part of the rhythm of Chad's life. -gw

This week I have been unable to escape the fact that I am most definitely an adult, with all the responsibilities that go with it. My parents have been away on holiday for just over a week, leaving me and my two brothers behind to fend for ourselves. All of a sudden my mind is cluttered with all sorts of things. I have to keep a running mental inventory of the fridge and pantry, think of meal ideas, remember to go shopping, cook dinner, make sure the VCR is set up to record Mum's favourite TV shows, and keep track of a "To Do" list that keeps getting longer by the day. That is not to mention the tafe course that I recently started, which I am finding quite interesting, insightful, and challenging. Two days a week on campus and ideally another 10 hours non-contact adds up to 24 hours a week. Not that I'm complaining. Life isn't boring, and I can still find time to pursue my hobbies; namely digital photography and surfing the web. I'm also involved with the activities of the local Baha'i community including an Adelaide-based devotional meeting. Throw in a game of squash, and outings to the pool hall (currently fewer than I would like) or the cinema and you'll just about have me covered.

Chad, "Responsibility," inspektorgadget: A Bloggish Blog
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