Sunday, August 19, 2007

On One Light, Many Lamps: The Baha'i Faith is not a "new" religion, but religion renewed

Saturday I spent the day manning the Baha'i Booth at the Asian Water Festival. The booth looked like


this year. The banner we used, "One Light - Many Lamps," was so helpful in conveying the basic Baha'i view that religious truth is simply renewed from age to age. Andre reiterates this view on a Zaadz blog post. -gw

[F]or me, [the Baha'i Faith] is not a 'new' religion, but rather a confirmation of the truths that have come before, and will continue to manifest in days to come.

One young Cambodian man who visited the booth to learn of the Faith told me that his fiance was Muslim, having recently converted in Malaysia, while he himself was Buddhist, the traditional faith of most Cambodians, and living in a predominantly Christian country. He said he was feeling confused. He readily took to the idea that all religions are in essence one and apparently saw the Baha'i Faith as a way to reconcile the supposed differences between Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. He filled out an interest card with great enthusiasm, indicating his interest in attending a Baha'i devotional meeting as way to continue his investigation. -gw

Photos by Flitzy Phoebie

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Tess said...

"One light, many lamps". I love that, it's perfect.