Friday, August 31, 2007

On Meaty Mentions of the Baha'i Faith: Pre-Holiday 'Net Browsing Fare

On a day before a three day weekend marking the traditional end of summer, I get the impression that no one is indoors reading blogs. But here I am, Lord, Google-ing "Baha'i" and finding many meaty offerings on the 'net. Some examples... -gw

"All historical epics," as Benjamin Friedlander notes in his analysis of Bahá’í poet Robert Hayden's epic, "are first of all affirmations of community." ... I can't help but agree with the sentiments of Joseph Campbell when he says: "each individual is the centre of a mythology of his own." As Baha'u'llah says, we each must find for ourselves the indwelling God, the Thou at the centre of our world--and the crossover, for the Bahá’í, the cornerstone of community, is symbolized by Baha'u'llah.

Small groups like the Baha’i are easily overlooked in Egypt but their right to freedom correspond to the freedoms of all the countries citizens, therefore Baha’i freedoms equal Egyptian freedoms.
Muslims do not allow images of God or messengers which is a movement toward God being transcendent, which means that all description of God being in time or space is pure imagination. This also, is the Baha’i view of God which means that it is helpful to imagine where God is terms of virtue, but description of God is beyond all comprehension.

Richard Hastings, "Where is God?" Radical Change

We believe that "seal of the prophets" did not mean that Muhammad was the last of the Manifestations, but rather more of a closing off of prophecy itself, or the "seal" as a kind of stamp of approval — or more accurately, of validation — of the previous prophetic messages. And we believe that while not all of the literal "signs of the return" may have accompanied the lives of the Báb's and Bahá'u'lláh, these various apocalyptic predictions are built up and exaggerated over the years.

Stephen A. Fuqua, "Missed Opportunity: Baha'i Connection to the Shi'a Mahdi,"

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