Saturday, August 04, 2007

On Baha'i Prayers Put to Music: Gyenyame's "The Sufficing, the Healing"

I am not just listening to old music ... or music for old people. I'm listening to new and almost new songs by Baha'i artists. Here is a song I am loving right now, Gyenyame's musical rendition of a Baha'i healing prayer. -hw

"The Sufficing, the Healing" by Gyenyame

Here is a video performance by Gyenyame on YouTube, and here is an explanation of the meaning of "gyenyame". The group's website is here. On MySpace they are here. -gw

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Barney said...

Anthony and Joyce Harmer, who are two of Gyenyame are friends of mine. They are a great asset to the UK community and have some wonderful music. Gyenyame performed on the terrace of the House of Commons for our Naw-Ruz reception there one year.