Friday, August 24, 2007

The Counselor, Board Member, and Local Assembly Member Do a Home Visit to Mary Ellen's: She is talking like a Baha'i

We Baha'is today should ask ourselves, do we want the Baha'i Faith to be just a select club or a spiritual community of the masses? This line of questioning has been posed to us in recent years by the Continental Counselors.

I had sent another email to Mary Ellen to invite her to our devotional meeting yesterday, but she didn't make it. As I learned this evening, Mary Ellen received instead a home visit from Counselor Murphy, our Auxiliary Board member Shawn, and our Assembly Chairperson Lori.

Our counselors, auxiliary board members, and local spiritual assembly members all make home visits, setting an example for us all. That's how important is teaching the Cause, given the urgency of the hour. Because Baha'u'llah did not intend for the Faith to be just a club.

Lori said, "It was a pretty amazing visit. Mary Ellen is reading the Gleanings that Shawn gave her at Chris and Shadi's, and she is talking like a Baha'i." -gw
"Ye are even as the bird which soareth, with the full force of its mighty wings and with complete and joyous confidence, through the immensity of the heavens, until, impelled to satisfy its hunger, it turneth longingly to the water and clay of the earth below it, and, having been entrapped in the mesh of its desire, findeth itself impotent to resume its flight to the realms whence it came. Powerless to shake off the burden weighing on its sullied wings, that bird, hitherto an inmate of the heavens, is now forced to seek a dwelling-place upon the dust. Wherefore, O My servants, defile not your wings with the clay of waywardness and vain desires, and suffer them not to be stained with the dust of envy and hate, that ye may not be hindered from soaring in the heavens of My divine knowledge.(Baha'u'llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, p. 327) " Uploaded on August 22, 2006 by prema on flickr

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