Tuesday, July 17, 2007

On Work as Worship:The trades and the elegant dance of business as art

Tyler is writing thoughtful reflections on his work experience in Zambia. -gw
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I think art is an abstract concept which runs considerably deeper than is regular talked about. There are the obvious forms of art, such as painting, sculpture, carving, drama, poetry, writing, music, etc. But then there is the other side of art, which, for lack of a proper term, I will call the lay-man’s art. Any contribution to society, or the world as a whole, can be viewed as art. There is an art to the work of a plumber, a carpenter, a chap who just runs a little store. There can be an underlying spiritual essence to their work too. There is certainly the beauty of underlying form with the trades, and the elegant dance of business. It’s all art. Everyone contributes somehow [this notion coincides rather nicely with the Baha’i requirement of engaging in some trade or profession and prohibition on monasticism as we should be anxiously concerned about our fellow human beings – also, while I am on this tangent, in the Baha’i faith, work done in the service of humanity is elevated to the rank of worship right up there with prayer.]

Tyler, "Motivations," Algeo in Zambia

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