Sunday, July 22, 2007

On Laura and the Girls: Talking about Virtues and Doing Service Projects

Laura Harley is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter and a Baha'i. In the following excerpt from her blog she describes a Baha'i-inspired youth gathering she facilitates. (My daughter-in-law provides a similar service in our Baha'i cluster, facilitating a youth night for pre-youth and youth ages 11 to 15, that incredibly important period of time when young people find their bearings spiritually.) -gw

One of my fave things I’m involved in right now (and that inspires me all the time in my songwriting) is a girls’ group my friend and I started for girls ages 11-15. The purpose is to help the girls learn about spiritual development, learn how to articulate and communicate ideas, and learn how to be of service to humanity. So, we talk about virtues, talk about their lives, read stories, memorize quotes about virtues and service, find ways to be of service each day of our lives, and do service projects. It is so much fun and we’ve all learned so much together!

Actually, groups like this (for boys and for girls) are happening all over the world—there is such a need for this type of thing in a world where children and teens have so many pressures and experience so many difficult things—and if you are interested, let me know and I’ll get you all the info you need to start your own or get involved in one. It is a Baha’i-inspired project, and people of all faiths and all backgrounds are involved.

So, the other day I had to miss girls’ group because I have been battling a cold/ virus thingy. I was especially bummed, because we’d planned to clean up a park together that day and we were going to be talking about generosity. Sigh. But, the very next day, just LOOK at what arrived in my mailbox:

Isn’t that sweet??!! The girls sent me a get well card! It totally made my day.


I downloaded some of Laura's great songs from iTunes, including "The Ninth Night," a music video of which can be seen on YouTube that features the Shrine of the Bab. Her music is also available from SNOCAP and CDBaby. -gw


{Re-posted with permission}

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