Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On Korean Bibles and Baha'i Study Circles Down to One Seeker: It's All Gooood

It looks like we're down to one seeker in our study circle. And it is still wonderful.

We started with the prospect of two seekers and one new Baha'i to participate in our Ruhi Book 1 study class, the first one I have ever tutored. The new Baha'i couldn't work it into her schedule. The two seekers became three by the third week. But for the last two study circles we have been down to one seeker.

There have been several dear Baha'is, including another tutor, there for support over the weeks our circle has been going, although not all of them have been present for every session. But tonight it was just my wife, previous Ruhi 1 graduate Judith, our seeker Myong, and me.

Yet it couldn't have been a better circle. From the devotions to the final discussion. We went a half hour over, and we are the circle that aims to wrap up by 8:30 after only 90 minutes instead of the usual two hours.

Myong said at the end that she wished tomorrow were Wednesday, too, so she could attend Ruhi again. She said she wanted to bring an audio recorder next week so she can make a recording of our study circle and be able to listen to our discussions through the week. She doesn't want to forget any of the content.

Tonight Myong told us about the "large character" Korean language Bible that she had bought only last December. She said she had been wondering if it was OK to still read that Bible now that she is studying the Baha'i Faith. We told her, of course, scripture is scripture, and Baha'is honor all of the Manifestations of God and their respective holy books.

Next week Myong is going to bring her Korean-language Bible to read from for our devotions before our study circle. -gw
"Bible Book House in Gwanghwamun," uploaded on April 6, 2006 by SuzÿQuzÿ on flickr

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child_of_africa said...

very nice :) there is something so magically and potently healing and nourishing about a ruhi study circle. you can't get it from the book without the people, and you can't get it from the people without the book. it brings you so close to your fellow participants. i understand myong's feeling entirely--looking forward to ruhi :)